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Rick Middleton

Labour Candidate for Hinckley & Bosworth

General Election
Thursday 12th December 2019

Popular, hard-working, local campaigner to take on the Tories in Hinckley & Bosworth

Well known across the constituency as a hard working and passionate campaigner for change. Rick Middleton has campaigned against cuts to our NHS, against the closure of local services like Barwell Sure Start centre and Hinckley & District Hospital and for improvements to local bus and rail services.

Rick said, “I am standing to be the next MP for Bosworth as your local, positive and credible choice. The last thing Hinckley & Bosworth needs, heading into such a crucial time for our country, is yet another entitled parachutist from outside the area representing them in parliament."

"My strong local roots and understanding of our constituency make me an effective representative for the area. Voters have a choice between yet another Tory MP from outside the area or a hard-working and effective local Labour MP."

The Lib Dems finished third in the last general election here, despite trying to convince voters it was a two-horse race between themselves and the Tories. They are running the same campaign with the same candidate yet again.

A Labour government would properly fund the NHS, invest in our local communities and tackle climate change with a green industrial revolution.

Your local, positive, credible choice for MP

Rick Middleton is a father-of-one, lives in Hinckley with his fiancée and runs his own web consultancy business.

“I have lived and worked in the area my whole life; I went to the local schools here, I worked locally in Barwell and Earl Shilton as a knitwear designer before setting up my own business and spending some time in the rural village of Barlestone.”

“I come from a working class background and believe that MPs must better represent the people that they serve. As your MP I would champion local services and fight for high quality well-paid jobs and investment in the area."

My pledges to you

Better local NHS services

Lead the fight in parliament for local NHS services, make the case for a walk-in centre in Hinckley, halt plans to sell off hospital land & scrap NHS parking charges.

An end to foodbank usage

Immediately increase minimum wage for all workers to £10 per hour, scrap & replace universal credit. End low paid, insecure work that's forcing families to rely on foodbanks.

Real action to tackle climate change

Our green industrial revolution will create 1000s of jobs in the area through the installation of energy saving measures and renewable & low carbon technologies.

Free high speed fibre broadband

​Under a Labour government over 46,000 homes and businesses in Hinckley & Bosworth would benefit from free high speed fibre broadband, paid for by fairer tax on the big tech giants.

Bring services back into public ownership

Publicly owned railways, bus services, royal mail and water that would all be run in the interests of the public rather than the current monopoly of private shareholders.

A National Education Service for all

Scrap university tuition fees and end skills shortages through free adult education. Smaller class sizes and thousands of new climate apprenticeships to prepare our economy for the future.

Keep in touch

Tel: 01455 251 024


When Labour Win, We All Win

Rick has campaigned passionately alongside parents, local people, nurses & teachers. He cares about the people in his local community. These people have been let down by years of cuts to public services, stagnating wages & increasing pressures at work.

It started with the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government in 2010. We can't let it continue under a hard right Tory government led by Boris Johnson. Our hard-working, local people deserve better. Only Labour will rebuild Britain & invest in local communities.

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